Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Pisang Penyet" @ Semawis

Last weekend we got opportunity to visit this recent people talked about this Semarang Icon Culinary festival, called Semawis or “Semarang Wisata”.

It is located in Semarang Chinatown Central, Jl. Gg. Warung Semarang, every Friday afternoon till end of Sunday, every week. Started by a group of Semarang’s “Hua Qiao” or Overseas Chinese people who lived in Semarang for many generations.

I do not want to discuss what is “Semawis” is, it’s to many blog or website since it may found in some internet websites:

Indonesian version in Wikipedia
About Semawis - English version

What I want to share here is one of my childhood favorite “grill banana” that I found yesterday there. Since it is very rare to get this kind of dish now, especially in Jakarta. It is made from grill banana, with Butter and Pineapple garnish, so it will give you very strong sweet and sour taste. It Is very nice!

Indeed we have dinner in this “hawker center like” place, we try to get some “typical” Semarang food such as Soto, Mie Titee -Which is traditional egg-noodle cooked in brown gravy with spinach and …………… Pig Leg!!!!

There’s also Semarang “Ca Kue” that a bit heavy compared with their similar “sibling” from medan, and more over, Semarang people like to have this salty traditional cake with a glass of coffee milk.

One thing that I miss is the famous Es Cong Lik (word came from “Kacung Cilik” or little boy), this is traditional “es puter” made from assorted seasonal fruits.

There’s several street store offering “pig dish” such as “pig satay” and “nasi campur” that is rice with various things of pork BBQ and many other things.

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