Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kepiting Nyoto Roso - Ungaran

The other famous “Kepiting resto” that we visited is this legendary “Kepiting Tauco” Roso Nyoto that located in Ungaran, a small town about 29km away south of Semarang. This traditional resto is very popular so that we may have to make a call at least 30 minutes before arrival to make sure we may get our order, unless you may willing to wait for another 30 minutes before they serve the dish you wants.

The place is a actually small house that has moderate yard that they change to restaurant extension side by side with parking lot that may accommodate about 4-5 cars inside, the rest you may have to park on-street near the place. Although the place is small, but it is very easy to identify since it has large billboard and moreover there’s too many car parking outside that won’t be miss.

We get our table after several minutes and may have to wait the other people finish their meal, My Dad has to go inside to confirm the order, and we still have to wait for another 5 minutes before the dish arrived.

For the first glance, the look is not to interesting, very traditional like dishes. One portion is containing 2 (two) fresh crabs, cooked in very think “Tauco gravy” But when it comes to your mouth you may feel the difference, the taste will left in your mouth for sometimes, very delicious!! Definitely we may have to go back there once we go to Semarang.

Besides their crabs, we order “Swie Kee” which is frog in “Tauco gravy”, Butter Prawn, and “Mendoan Penyet”.

In short, this is “yummy place that need to be visit ……..!”


godril said...

WOOHHHH!! WES TEKAN KONO MAS??? Kuwi langganan ku karo bapak nak pas ibu ra ndik omah. Kuwi kakak beradik ada 3 orang buka resto dengan menu yang sama. Roso Nyoto, Nyoto Roso, sama yang satunya lagi lupa. Si kakak ada di deket kantor polisi tanjakan abis Gedong Kuning Ungaran. Si bungsu ada di depan Hotel Ungaran Cantik tapi ketoke saiki bangkrut. Rasane podo plek. Tapi seng paling enak tauco ne seng mbarep. Yo kuwi seng mbok parani. Congrat!!

dilar said...

enak tenannn, sing rasa tauco paling sipp