Sunday, June 29, 2008

Curug Panjang

Got SMS from Marsel, about Curug Panjang – not to far away from Mega Mendung …

Mega Mendung?? No joke! It’s quite near from Jakarta, so what are we waiting for ….

What we need is just to wait until the weekend, and here we go ……

Departing in the morning to avoid traffic jam, we spent only about 1 hour plus to reach the famous mega-mendung junction (famous –because is one of the several heaviest traffic Jam in Puncak Main road), lucky we have not face that traffic jam since it’s still early in the morning.

Driving following the road up to the hill, up to police intel school up away following the Bank Mega Training Camp sign board, go straight up to pass the Training Center it self, then you’ll find smaller road that may caused problem if you may face opposite car in the middle.

After several minutes drive, finaly we arrived at the parking lot. It’s just an open space on the ground, there’s still only two cars besides ours sitting on the ground.

So we here, we have to tak a short walk, around 300m to find the first waterfall. According to the area map, they have at least four waterfall, the easiest to reach is Curug Panjang, the rest are Curug Barong, Curug Bunder and Curug Ciblao. We do not have chance to go there except this one. The one that has best facilities among the others.

Before you reach the main Waterfall, you have to cross the stream that give you the ‘first wet’ experience, then you’ll find a middle size pond right in the bottom of the waterfall. The water is very clear with greenish color and ………..very cool!

The place is well prepared, they have lifeguard, they provide life-vest for the one who wants to swim into the pond, trash-bin everywhere so that you do not have to worry about where you want to dump your trash, the lavratory facilities is ‘relatively clean’, and there’s also a street-store who sells Cup-Noodle, Coffee, “Bandrek” it would be more nice if they also sells “gorengan”, “pisang, tape & jagung bakar”.

But in short, this place is worth to visit, especially with this kind of distance from Jakarta. It is a nice place to have a short escape from Jakarta.

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