Monday, November 19, 2007

Kepiting Cak Gundul - Kelapa Gading

Curious of his name made us decide to visit this place. We heard from people that this name is well known in East Java region.

I can’t remember the place exactly, as far as I can remember it’s on Kelapa Hibrida Raya, Kelapa Gading. If you come from “Mall Kelapa Gading 3” take North destination and the resto. is located somewhere in the left side of the road, with large recognizable billboard. You can identify the place by their Kitchen that placed in front of the restaurant.

It’s a unique resto. since hardly sell “Crabs” as their prime menu. As common “Crabs menus” they have “Black Pepper Crab”, “Butter Crab”, “Oyster Sauce Crab”, “Padang Source Crab” and the unique one is “Curry Crab”. The only other thing that you may choose is the Crab Size it self, they have normal crabs (Small) up to super size (Papua Crabs) that may cost you more than Rp. 300.000. Minimum order is two Crabs. Plain Rice, “sambel lalap” and “Sayur Asem” is included on the package.

Since only two of us, we decided to choose two regular Crabs to cook with Butter Sauce, the result is ‘a bit sweet butter sauce’, it is not so spectacular as expected, perhaps next time we may order “Curry Sauce Crabs” that may be more unique compare to others.

From our opinion, “Saung Rasane” is still the best…………………………………….

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PolterGeist said...

hey.. i know this restaurant! its a coolest seafood restaurant ever! thaxx for wrote about this. i love KEPITING CAK GUNDUL !